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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a domain name and how do I choose one?

    A domain name is your website address. Because servers on the internet identify websites with IP addresses (for example,, domain names were developed to make it easier for people to find websites. When choosing a domain name, pick one that is short and easy to remember.

  • How do I search for a domain name?

    Enter the domain name you want to register in the search box. If your domain is available, the next step is to choose a domain extension. If your domain is not available, search again or choose a suggested name from the list of available options that are related to your search.

  • Which domain extensions are available?

    Choose from the most popular domain extensions, including .biz, .ca, .info, .net, .org, .com, .name, .us, and .cc.

  • Can I transfer my domain?

    Yes. If you’ve already got a domain you love, we would be happy to help you transfer it. This way you can easily manage all of your domains in one location.

  • Can I auto renew my domain?

    Yes, with auto renewal you don’t have to worry about losing your domain name. Your payment method will be processed a month before your domain expires to ensure that your domain will be renewed on the expiry date.