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Email Storage

All plans come with 2GB of email storage. Using our mail setup service you can create branded email addresses. Each plan comes with a certain number of email addresses. You can choose the one that fits your business needs!


With every plan you will receive a FREE* domain to get your website started! Your domain name is an important part of your business and we want to ensure you get the name you want.

Customize and Manage

Easily manage your billing account, pay invoices and add new features. Set up your email accounts and personalize your settings, all from within the powerful Control Panel. No system administrator required.

Domain Manager

All packages include the Domain Manager application. Domain manager allows you to change private registration option, name servers, renewal settings for registered domain names, as well as check domain transfer and renewal statuses. You can also view and manage existing information for your domain names.

Measure Your Success

View the statistics on your website without having to buy a third party analytics application. You can view stats on things such as visits per page, duration on page, downloads, clicks, visitor engagement and more! Download the reports and get a full understanding of how your website is doing.

* Regular rates of $9.95 per month apply after 6-months